5 inbound marketing strategies that will boost your business

Bombarding your potential audience with emailers, sales calls, and text messages is not the only way to digitally market your brand. Instead, use clever inbound marketing strategies like content and influencers to create waves.

Posted by Team Edisol

In today’s world, a prominent digital presence undoubtedly contributes to the success and profitability of your business. Creating a meaningful online presence will attract the right kind of attention, helping you achieve your goals more easily, whether they are pertaining to lead generation or building brand awareness.

Though you can use outbound marketing strategies to reach out to potential customers, bombarding them with emailers, sales calls, and text messages will only lead to irritation. You need an alternative way to bolster your business, and inbound marketing allows you to do just this.

Encourage prospective clients to reach out to you by implementing these strategies.

Offer free guides keeping key interests in mind

One of the most effective ways of generating traffic to your website organically is by offering free guides that pack in the expertise that visitors are looking for. For instance, as a digital marketing company, you can offer a detailed guide on how to craft the perfect social media post or blog.

Ensure that your guide is comprehensive, relevant and informative. This helps you retain visitors, drive them to share your resources, and in turn earn more followers. Through more clicks, your website is sure to rank higher.

Try your hand at influencer marketing

Influencers are modern-day experts of their fields with a large online following. As a result, they have a strong influence on their followers. You can leverage them based on a well-planned inbound digital marketing strategy to spread awareness about your company and drive traffic your way. Be sure to pick influencers pertaining to your industry for the best results.

Leverage social media and online forums

Having an online presence offers visibility and helps you stay relevant, but merely existing is not enough. You must actively monitor and strengthen your presence. One way of doing this is by driving conversations on social media and online forums via intelligent social media marketing practices.

This opens up a channel for communication, humanizes your company and establishes your expertise. Answering technical questions on forums is an especially effective way of portraying your company as an expert.

Utilise the power of engaging content

It is very important to engage visitors with original, informative and valuable content to educate customers about your company and why you exist. There are two ways in which you can use content to drive traffic. One way is via on-site content. Under this route, you publish new, relevant, and valuable content on your own website regularly. This is a great way to build authenticity and focus on client retention.

The other way is via off-site content. Here you provide relevant and targeted content to other websites that your target audience is likely to visit. This helps you cast a wide net and improve lead generation.

Be available to your customers

Clients and customers today seek instant solutions to their problems, and an online presence can help you ensure this. Produce and publish videos, tutorials, specification sheets and FAQs based on the product or service you offer. This is a great way to show that you care about the client’s experience and that you prioritise their needs.

To bag more leads, count on these people-first inbound marketing strategies that may be implemented with ease alongside your other digital marketing endeavours. Don’t forget to monitor the results you’re getting, as this way you can tweak the strategies to ensure optimal results. For professional guidance with all things marketing, grow your business with Edisol.