Blog writing services

Increase leads with our blog writing services

Drive organic traffic to your website and reach billions of internet users with effective blog marketing. Starting a blog, especially a WordPress blog, is easy. Constantly offering high quality and relatable content to your new clients and customers is demanding. Bank on our blog writing services to keep your posts fresh, relatable, and a cut above the rest.

Blogs help brands:

Boost search engine optimisation
Offer value to target audience
Create opportunities for link building
Build brand authority & leadership
Showcase expertise
Develop relationships with existing & potential customers
Drive traffic to the website
Convert traffic into leads
Build digital assets
Enjoy exposure & visibility
Stand out from the competition

Edisol’s approach to blog writing services

Blogs have the unique ability to convert strangers into leads and visitors into customers. For companies looking to attract, convert, delight and close customers, nothing enjoys the power to do so quite like blogs. Blogs help your brand become a content powerhouse and to leverage this power, our approach to blog writing combines technical prowess with passion. Keeping brand tonality and your content style guide and in mind, our writers and editors create 100% plagiarism-free, SEO-rich blogs. Our blog writing services pay heed to the consumer decision journey and are backed by in-depth research.

Our blogs fit in perfectly with your content marketing strategy to offer true value to your target audience and generate results for your business. We evaluate blog titles, subheads, keyword integration, internal and external links, and the call to action using real-time content analysis tools. Using simple content workflow management tools, we deliver superior quality blogs in high numbers. Apart from creating awareness about your products and services, blogs help you humanise your brand, share success stories and celebrate the contribution of partners.

Types of blogs we offer:

  • Thought leadership blogs (800+ words)
  • Long-form blogs (600-800 words)
  • Snippets (150-250 words)
  • Cornerstones (1200+ words)