Digital Marketing & Content Writing Services

Digital-first marketing solutions to grow your brand

thought leadership content marketing
Thought leadership articles
Build credibility and establish your brand as the market leader with data-driven thought leadership content marketing. The best thought leadership articles target decision-makers while strategic B2B thought leadership pieces help cement your place as an industry expert. Publishing thought leadership articles helps you score on the PR front too!
social media marketing company offering strategy and execution
Social media marketing
Improve brand recognition, drive engagement and garner leads with powerful social media posts optimised for each channel. Got a new product offering? Start an online social marketing campaign to take customers down the sales funnel. Already have an online presence? Ramp it up with a custom social media marketing strategy from Edisol.
editorial content writing strategy services
Content strategy
Align your marketing efforts to your key goals and metrics with a commercial and editorial content writing strategy. We identify customer pain points, draw out B2C and B2B content marketing approaches, define your Instagram content plan and more. Finally, we help drive your ROI higher while cutting costs by getting each element of your content strategy right.
Starting a blog and blog marketing
Blog writing services
Drive organic traffic to your website and reach billions of internet users with effective blog marketing. Starting a blog, especially a WordPress blog, is easy. Constantly offering high quality and relatable content to your new clients and customers is demanding. Bank on our blog writing services to keep your posts fresh, relatable, and a cut above the rest.
Optimised website homepage content to reach target audiences
Website content
Keep web users and search engines happy with strategic website content writing. We craft SEO-optimised copies and clear calls to action, all directed to your target audience and buyer personas. Boost your CTR, reduce bounce rates, improve the average time on page metric and increase the number of visitors with ace website homepage content.
email marketing campaign strategy and execution with design services
Email marketing services
Strengthen customer relations and boost brand awareness with email marketing tailored to your brand and your target audience. Nothing rakes in higher return on investment than a smart email marketing campaign! Increase sales with services that assure you of compelling email designs, a clear call to action, a click-worthy subject line and improved email open rates.
Content and design for corporate communication, brand identity, online reputation
Corporate communications
Maintain good media and corporate public relations, improve your corporate reputation, and communicate efficiently with key stakeholders with our strategic communication services. From corporate brochures to crisis management content and articles elucidating your CSR policy in action, we provide content that addresses your audience while enhancing your brand identity.
advertorial writing services for digital and print publishing
Advertorial copywriting
Blend ad and editorial content with tactful advertorial writing services to get better ROI for every penny spent on advertisements. Create product awareness with an online advertorial or sponsored content appearing as advertorials in magazines and newspapers. Elicit the right response from your readers with compelling CTAs and a winning advertorial marketing strategy.
brochures and newsletters, writing and design services
Brochures & Newsletters
Spread brand awareness through eye-catching brochures and keep your customers and employees updated with personalised newsletters. Be it a glossy brochure design that you’re looking for or corporate brochure writing services, we offer both print and digital brochure editions. Our stellar content and design services inform, engage and drive sales.
LinkedIn B2B marketing and B2C marketing content and design services
LinkedIn marketing
Connect with C-level executives, decision-makers, innovators, newcomers, and other brands with our LinkedIn marketing solutions. Our communication is created specifically for this professional network and aims to showcase your brand’s USPs while improving its visibility. Attract new customers with LinkedIn PPC text Ads, DM executives you aren’t connected to with a LinkedIn InMail campaign and generate leads with a holistic LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy.
Content for employee newsletter, company updates and in-house publications
Employee communication & in-house publications
Boost employee morale, promote team building, and facilitate constructive feedback channels with effective internal employee communication. Publish an employee newsletter, a company newsletter or send out a fun email blast to share information and ideas. We deliver content that is tailored to your communication strategy and sets the stage for employee advocacy. Our formats span emailers, WhatsApp messages and e-magazines and include static designs as well as GIF/video plugins.
Get higher on Google search results with SEO, SEM and Google Ads
SEO, SEM & Google Ads
Power your online presence with website optimisation tactics spanning on-page SEO and Google Ads. Get higher on Google search results with Google SEO best practices backed by Google Analytics. Boost website traffic and other key metrics with a customised strategy that comprises SEO analysis, keyword research, local SEO solutions, search engine marketing and Google advertising. Paid and organic search marketing helps provide high visibility to your products and services.
Tell your brand story with coffee table books
Coffee table books
Narrate your brand’s milestones aesthetically with a coffee table book. Our content creation and design services ensure a perfect blend of storytelling and visual impact. Complemented by our photography services, coffee table books can inspire, entertain and give your audience valuable insights about your brand legacy, achievements, and partners.
Use infographics for marketing your products and services
Infographic design & content
Leverage infographic marketing to connect with your target audience. Our content writing and design services help you embed your message clearly through text and visual elements. Use infographics for marketing your products or simply to educate audiences. Go beyond the regular, static infographic and attract web users with an animated infographic or gifographic.
YouTube marketing, video marketing services and YouTube marketing strategy
Video marketing services
Claim your spot on social platforms with attractive, engaging and informative videos. With smart video content marketing, you can tap into a viewer base that grows by 100% every year. Our video marketing services include a well-crafted YouTube marketing strategy and customised digital marketing video content. Video is the future and video marketing is your ticket to the show!
Creating founder profiles, CXO profile writing services and more for the press
Media kits & CEO profiles
Humanise your brand with founder profiles, CXO profile write-ups and media kits that are relatable, highlight your brand identity and help forge partnerships. Our content writing services team is adept at adopting various styles – deft and professional for CEO profiles and equally-nuanced tonalities for corporate brochures, in-house publications and press kits.
Whitepapers, e-guides, case studies and other research-driven content services
Whitepapers, e-guides, case studies & reports
Provide your B2B or B2C audience with downloadable, research-driven content to boost sales, foster trust and build authority in your domain. Earn new customers and clients with strategic and experiential content. Our online marketing team ensures you pick content formats that complement your sales strategy and boost brand credibility across the board.
visual communication, graphic design and photography services
Professional photography & design services
Take advantage of visual communication mediums to promote your brand’s story with professional-grade graphic design and photography services. We offer professional photography, logo design, print design and real estate photography as well as other industry-specific services that complement your brand voice and help build brand identity, right from the ground up.