How to create the perfect social media post

To create eye-catching social media posts and improve engagement, ensure that you keep these guidelines in mind!

Posted by Team Edisol

When you visit popular social media posting platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you are flooded with branded content. While there are certain types of social media posts by business accounts that generate higher engagement, like infographics or quotes, most branded content fades into the background. So, ensuring that your social media posts are nothing short of exemplary is a must. Unless your social media posts are truly top-notch, they will fail to catch your audience’s attention.

To ensure that your efforts bear fruit, here are 5 steps that you should follow to make your social media posts pop!

Use clear and relevant images

Studies show that 90% of the information that reaches our brain is visual. In fact, our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This is reason enough to include images in your social media posts. Further, sharing relevant, bright, and clear pictures on social media posting platforms makes you more visible.

Think of content ideas for social media posts that feature a call-to-action

Simply putting out a description of your product or services is not enough to generate leads and drive conversion; nudging your audience to act is necessary. A call-to-action is a short phrase that spurs a reaction from the audience. It can be anything from ‘Download your free-book’ to ‘Click here to bag a discount’.

Such phrases entice customers and persuade them to take action, making them an indispensable part of effective social media marketing. Moreover, when you add a call-to-action along with relevant links, you make it easier for your followers to make a purchase decision.

Either entertain or be informative

Most people use social media platforms either to escape from the real world or to learn more. So, if your post is not checking one of these two boxes, it is of no use. In fact, the best social media posts are those that combine both. As a thumb rule, when you’re brainstorming content ideas for social media posts, make sure to incorporate wit and interesting facts. These make for eye-catching social media posts, encourage more people to follow you and therefore help generate leads.

Cut the clutter

If you have a keen eye, you will notice that the best social media posts are vibrant, crisp and creative. This is something to pay attention to even when you use apps to create quick posts on the go as you can’t compromise on quality. Moreover, they convey a clear message and don’t burden the audience with information. So, when you’re targeting eye-catching social media posts, keep the design clean and don’t try to say multiple things through one post. Instead, chalk out the key pointers you want to communicate and craft snackable posts for each.

Make it accessible on all devices

Your audience is likely to use a number of digital devices like a computer, tab, and mobile to access the internet. In fact, a study by SearchEngineLand revealed that 60% of online searches happen through mobiles. So, even if you upload eye-catching social media posts on the most relevant social media posting site, users won’t be able to find them if they are not compatible with all devices.

Following these simple, yet effective elements will help you craft eye-catching social media posts that give your brand an edge. For a professional take on social media management, content and execution, contact us!