Email marketing Services

Increase your marketing ROI with our email marketing services

Strengthen customer relations and boost brand awareness with email marketing tailored to your brand and your target audience. Nothing rakes in higher return on investment than a smart email marketing campaign! Increase sales with services that assure you of compelling email designs, a clear call to action, a click-worthy subject line and improved email open rates.

Our Email marketing services help brands:

Drive revenue
Generate leads
Re-engage customers
Operate with minimal costs
Scale to all target audience groups
Send targeted messages
Promote interaction with consumers

Edisol’s approach to email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach a global audience with little to no restrictions. For this reason, having a clearly and cleverly designed email marketing campaign is key to staying connected to and reengage your audience. Our approach is to focus on the brand’s goals for each campaign and to use all resources intelligently to offer end consumers something of value. This means crafting the perfect content and complementary visual design to not only improve each email’s open rate, but also have a measurable impact on the campaign’s conversion rate.

Types of email marketing campaigns

  • Welcome campaign
  • Promotional campaign
  • Seasonal offers campaign
  • Newsletter campaign
  • Cart abandonment campaign
  • Connect-via-social campaign
  • Re-engagement campaign
  • Post-purchase drip campaign