How to create engaging content consistently

Our nifty ABCD method will help your brand get noticed and, more importantly, get results when it comes to publishing content on digital platforms.

Posted by Team Edisol

Given the low attention spans of audiences and the onslaught of content available online, producing quality content is key to retaining your relevance and capturing your audience’s attention. With newer content marketing techniques being deployed every other day, keeping up with your competition is more important now than ever before.

To ensure your existing audience is hooked and to attract new customers consistently, simply publishing isn’t enough; you need to reinvent your content strategy. Shift your focus to creating engaging content to amp up website traffic and nurture leads. Take a look at the very basics of creating content powerful enough to generate engagement using the simple acronym ABCD.

A: Align your content marketing strategy

To ensure that your investment in content bears fruit, it is important that you chalk out the goals for your brand and what you wish to accomplish, be it an increase in webpage traffic or a lower bounce rate. Take note of your competitors, research their work, identify how you’ll create value for your audience and thereby establish a niche. Accordingly, arrive at content that is innovative, relatable and attention-worthy. Getting professional help from a digital content marketing agency can be a good way to draw out a comprehensive content marketing plan.

B: Be original and consistent

While understanding your competitors’ strengths and keeping up with trends may be important to your content marketing strategy, your audience is more interested in an original voice. So, strike a balance between the two to craft your brand voice and find a tonality that suits your audience, distinguishes you from your competitors, and is original. Moreover, create content that is differentiated to give your brand an edge and post regularly to keep readers coming back for more. If you adopt this approach, it becomes easier for your audience to recognise your content even if it has been shared multiple times before reaching their feed.

C: Check your usage of keywords and appropriate tags

Content marketing workshops often suggest using keywords and hashtags in any written content, and for good reason. While keywords help align your content with what audiences are looking for, hashtags help your audience follow a particular conversation or trend effortlessly. That said, it’s important to exercise caution. Nobody appreciates a barrage of hashtags, but it is essential you use key hashtags for your content. Similarly, instead of keyword stuffing, focus on smart optimisation and insert different types of keywords, including a mix of long-tail, informational, and commercial keywords, into your content.

D: Don’t be rigid

With so much content available for consumption, you must evolve as times change to get the most out of your marketing efforts. This doesn’t require you to change your brand’s identity. Instead, focus on new content marketing platforms, techniques, campaigns, article formats and expand your conversation from inward-looking to outward-looking. Wondering how your audience will react? There is but only one way to find out!

With these stellar yet simple tips, you can strengthen your efforts and get better results. However if it’s a complete overhaul you’re after, it’s best to grow your business with a tailor-made content marketing strategy.