Content Strategy Services

Achieve business goals with our content strategy services

Align your marketing efforts to your key goals and metrics with a commercial and editorial content writing strategy. We identify customer pain points, draw out B2C and B2B content marketing approaches, define your Instagram content plan and more. Finally, we help drive your ROI higher while cutting costs by getting each element of your content strategy right.

A customised content strategy helps brands:

Create digital capital
Use resources more efficiently
Attract the right audience
Enjoy competitive advantage
Rank higher on search engines
Maintain consistency across channels
Set goals and track them
Improve ROI
Increase content quality & effectiveness

Edisol’s approach to creating content strategies

As much as we love telling stories, be it by writing blogs, working on videos, or creating infographics, we believe in taking a step back first. The questions we answer form the basis of our content strategy. This blueprint then helps us execute targeted content meant to achieve tangible business goals.

Whether you need a blog strategy, LinkedIn content strategy, Instagram content plan or an overall digital content strategy, this blueprint helps us and you plan, create, deliver and analyse content effectively.

Answers to questions like ‘What is your audience looking for?’, ‘Where does your product or service fit in the consumer life cycle?’ or ‘What is the value are you adding to your TG’s life?’ help us craft a content strategy that works hand in hand with your objectives and caters to your target audience too. The result is a purposeful, focused and targeted execution of content.

Key Components Of Our Content Strategy

  • Competition & market research
  • Customer research & buyer persona(s)
  • Marketing objectives
  • Brand purpose
  • Brand guidelines
  • User journey mapping
  • Keyword research (short-tail, long-tail, commercial, branded, voice search keywords, geo-targeting keywords)
  • Content pegs & pillars
  • Content tonality
  • Content calendar
  • Content formats & channels
  • Content mapping
  • Hero, Hub, Hygiene content model
  • Content templates