Why you need a Founders Profile

Theirs is a rare story of exceptional success and tremendous willpower. They possess in-depth domain knowledge, have incredible experience, and a knack for building great teams. Here are unquestionable reasons to create a standout founder’s profile for your company.

Posted by Team Edisol

Founders possess qualities highly sought-after by everyone—from employees and investors to customers. A founder profile can showcase these talents in a crisp and relatable way, boosting both employee and client confidence in your company. You can include a founder’s profile in your brand’s media kit, use it for attracting investors, include it in in-house publications, or have it on your website. Here’s why.

1. Founders generate revenue—a lot of it

On average, they raise more capital and produce higher valuations than professional managers. They outshine all others in creating value, which is the difference between capital raised and valuation. In fact, founder-CEO led companies create double the value than those led by professional managers. The numbers themselves prove that profiling your founder will undoubtedly be beneficial for your company.

2. Founders elicit trust, attracting new business opportunities

Their skills, experience, and sheer nerves of steel in transforming an idea into a company is what sets them apart. A good founder’s profile lets potential clients know the face behind the brand, garnering more business opportunities for you.

3. Founders are natural leaders, attracting the right talent

A founder’s story is inspiring, and it helps you get in touch with those who aspire to be inspiring themselves. In fact, the power of emotional marketing is something that you should be taking advantage of. Since finding and building teams that pave the path to success is so difficult, let your founder profile do the talking for you. Those who come to you after reading about your founder are the ones you’ll want to hire.

4. Founders inculcate a sense of loyalty

Founders are the reason a business exists, and they’re the ones who have their finger on the pulse when it’s time for expansion or diversification. Letting your existing clients and employees know who they are is a way to ensure you don’t lose out on business or in-house talent when the going gets tough.

5. Founders generate goodwill

Creating awareness about your brand and driving growth is easier when your founder’s work and experience does the convincing for you. Additionally, founders help reinstate the faith your existing customers have in your company. Along with a profile, a message from the founder can round up your annual communication within the company and with existing clients as well.

Start by identifying where you plan on publishing your founder’s profile and in what context. For a professional and intelligent approach to this type of content marketing, grow your brand with Edisol.