Media Kits & Founder Profile Services

Leave a lasting PR impression with media kits

Humanise your brand with founder profiles, CXO profile write-ups and media kits that are relatable, highlight your brand identity and help forge partnerships. Our content writing services team is adept at adopting various styles – deft and professional for CEO profiles and equally-nuanced tonalities for corporate brochures, in-house publications and press kits.

Custom media kits help brands:

Kick-start PR campaigns
Promote brand awareness
Foster partnerships
Provide several formats of information
Prioritise reach to all target audiences

Edisol’s approach to designing an all-round media kit

With the sole purpose of being a promotional public relations tool, the media kit is a versatile element that we strongly believe should be part of your marketing strategy. Given the target audience, we know that every piece of content or material has to exist with purpose and careful planning.

Our approach is to be upfront with messaging while maintaining your brand’s tonality all through, regardless of whether the content is written or visually represented. We also understand the importance of establishing an emotional connect, which is why testimonials and fruitful collaborations also take centre stage.

Types of content included in a media kit

  • CEO profile
  • Press releases
  • Branded images
  • Testimonials
  • Annual reports
  • News coverage snippets