Does outsourcing your firm's social media marketing make sense?

With new opportunities hinging on your social media feed, it’s important for you to grasp the nuts and bolts of how social media works, what works, and how to increase your engagement. Here’s why outsourcing to social media marketing companies may be the right thing for you to do.

Posted by Team Edisol

Let’s consider conventional wisdom from the past: When there was no concept of money, you bartered the thing you did well for a thing you didn’t know how to do. That’s a win-win for both sides, right? Outsourcing company marketing works along the same lines, but with a few additional advantages. It makes perfect sense for a company to push internal teams to focus on what they’re good at and hire outside help for the skills they are missing.

Social media marketing: Why outsourcing may be the answer for your firm

Why spend precious time and resources learning to do something when there are already good people doing great work out there? Here’s a list of the reasons why outsourcing digital marketing is beneficial to both you and your team.

1. The cost to your company is significantly reduced

If you consider the cost of hiring an employee on company payroll and factoring in additional costs as taxes, vacation and leaves, training etc., you’ll quickly realize that hiring an agency is much more cost-effective. Also, when you opt for social media marketing services, you have the benefit of acquiring a whole team dedicated to one cause rather than a single employee or a team of two. Additionally, you can also save on photography and software costs for creating GIFs or videos.

2. You can make the most of the ‘Specialist effect’

Effectiveness is directly related to specialty. An experienced social media marketing agency will have time-tested methods that help them achieve measurable results in half the time it would take your employees. They’d also know the latest social media trends that would make reaching targets a lot easier. Having influencers and bloggers on hand who can market your brand, knowing the limitations and restrictions on each platform, having paid software to check SEO effectiveness and ROI all give you an edge—right from the start.

3. Saving time equals earning money

If there’s one thing in common among all those who follow a vision and strive hard at working towards it, it’s that they don’t have the time to manage the full-time requirements of executing a social media marketing strategy. After all, there’s only 24 hours in a day, and you’re also required to sleep for some of them. Some businesses spend time and money on social media without surefire results, hurting themselves both mentally and financially. When you outsource, you avoid all the heartburn without compromising on quality.

4. Qualifications are what make a good social media profile

You must know what you’re doing, and you must know it well. Surface knowledge will only lead to sub-par results, making the entire investment unprofitable, to say the least. Social media managers require a lot of skills to work their magic. For example, they have intimate knowledge about SEO, advertising certifications, visual cues, audience development and content curation. These skills are special, and require study, training and experience. Outsourcing can get you these skills along with all the experience of crafting a customised strategy that works for your brand and your brand alone.

Get started by checking out what social media companies are offering you, see their previous work, and then take a call on who you want to hire. Avoid glitz and glamour, and decide on your chosen partner based on actual results. For a complete social media marketing strategy that is sure to drive engagement, contact Edisol today!