Why your company needs an internal newsletter

Ensuring that your employees are a cohesive unit and operate like one is just good business sense! So, paying attention to your internal communications is key.

Posted by Team Edisol

A company’s workforce is more fragmented today as compared to even a decade ago with employees working from home, working different shifts or at different offices. While technology has made it easy for employees to work from anywhere, it has made the process a little lonely. In this scenario, ensuring that your employees. In fact, it pays to prioritise your company’s internal communications.

When executed expertly, internal communication acts as the glue that bonds all employees into a tightly-knit unit and ensures that they’re all on the same page, working towards the same goal. On the flipside, if you ignore internal communication because you have your hands full with what seems like far more pressing issues, you run the risk of ending up like an out-of-shape athlete: you know what it takes to cross the finish line but you’re entirely out of breathe.

So, is internal communication worth getting bent out of shape about? Absolutely. The antidote? An internal newsletter: it’s simple, succinct and a tried and tested way of getting everyone on board.

If you’re still a little unsure of whether to invest time and resources in one, check for these 3 signs.

Your employees seem disinterested

Limited employee engagement is a serious cause for concern. With an audit of internal communication through surveys and feedback sessions, you can determine the reason of limited involvement. One way of remedying it is through an internal newsletter. Get employees on board and feeling like they belong by welcoming ideas through newsletters and opinions via polls.

Your employees don’t have the bigger picture

If you walk on to the work floor and find that departments are working in silos with limited interaction with each other, it’s time to snap back into formation. Fortunately, a newsletter can help you do just this.

The bigger the company, the easier it is for people to work in a silo, unaware of what a person across their computer is up to. A newsletter gives everyone the highlights and brings the each and every employee, regardless of department and designation, up to speed. It’s a flash card of sorts and works wonders at reinforcing what the big-picture goals and achievements are.

It is also an excellent tool to motivate employees and encourage them to share with the rest of the company anything that they deem worthy. Decoding a technical piece of information or sharing an interesting anecdote from a holiday — when you open up the conversation you can nurture bonhomie amongst your employees.

Your employees crave context

When you’re down in the trenches and working hard to complete your day’s to-do list, it’s easy to lose sight of what everyone else is up to. An internal newsletter helps put it into context for your employees.

It allows you to share articles relevant to your industry, highlight what competitors are getting right and where you have the upper hand. If you think a quick refresh is what’s most needed, go as far as summarising case studies and highlighting trends to watch out for so your employees know how to align themselves and make a more meaningful contribution to the company.

When your company is showing these signs, it means that an internal communication refresh is long overdue. If you have too much to address already, contact Edisol. We’d be happy to take it off your plate!