Why your brand’s visual identity matters

To communicate what your brand identity is and in order to build recall, it is essential that you focus on creating a unique visual identity.

Posted by Team Edisol

When it comes to digital marketing, visual identity is an extremely important component. The need for a visual identity is best illustrated when you evaluate the situation practically.

Every minute there are hundreds of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter posts from a number of brands. So, to stand out in a cluttered feed or inbox, you must create a visual impact on your audience.

Your brand logo, website design, social media post designs, invoice design, letterhead design and other visuals that you use to communicate can help you do this. Think of it as communicating your message and values through visuals.

Some of the elements that you should focus on during brand development are logo design, fonts, photos, colours, shapes and forms, and you must update or create your brand’s visual identity in case of the following situations.

  • You are starting a new company
  • You are planning to change the company name
  • You are launching a new marketing campaign
  • You are undertaking a rebranding exercise

Here is how the visual identity of your brand helps you grow your business and increase customers.

  • It helps differentiate your product from your competitors’

    You are always competing with other brands, no matter how niche the industry is. So, you must know how to differentiate your product or service to get and retain the customer’s attention. Saying that you are different is not enough, you need to communicate the difference. If you’re positioning yourself as more stylish, evolved, or relatable, ensure that your visual design reflects this. To start off, create a magnificent brand logo.

  • It helps in maintaining a consistent identity

    Maintaining consistency across all communication is key, and a visual identity is one way of achieving this. If all your online and traditional marketing channels use the same theme, colour, design elements and composition, it will help engage with customers in a more focused way. Ensure that your brand design elements are also line with your offerings. For instance, if you are selling beauty products then your brand image should communicate this. Here, having a company logo with an abstract motif, for instance, is too vague and will do your brand a disservice. You can even opt for professional photography and design services to promote your brand in a compelling manner.

  • It helps give information as well as creates appeal

    You can dispense information, or you can dispense information cleverly. The difference is that when you choose the latter, you’re ensuring that you’re doing your best to capture the audience’s attention and drive home your point. Your visual brand identity helps you do exactly this. Imagine explaining your values to your customers through reams of text. Then, picture doing so with infographics featuring your logo and motifs that tie in with your visual identity. Obviously, the latter is more appealing and exciting, and hence more effective and memorable.

Don’t limit your focus to perfecting copy. Instead, use a strong visual identity to anchor a well-crafted message and reinforce it. A unique visual identity that’s true to your brand will go a long way in striking a connect with audiences.

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