Why social media monitoring is important and should you invest in it?

Find out all you need to know about social listening and how it can amp up your efforts on social media platforms.

Posted by Team Edisol

If you are wondering why social media monitoring is important, you need to understand what social listening is. In short, social listening is the practice of tracking, analysing and responding to interactions about your brand or company online. There are many ways to achieve this and social media listening is an extension of social listening. For example, hashtag monitoring on Twitter or Instagram is a good way to track your brand’s popularity. Moreover, it also spotlights social media trends to grow engagement and this is valuable information. However, you should also know how to leverage this information.

To have a better understanding of the importance of actively investing in social media monitoring and analysis, take a look at 4 ways in which the resultant information can help your brand succeed.

Address and tackle problems in the market

One of the main ways to listen on social media is to monitor keywords. Industry-linked keywords generate buzz and there is a lot to learn from. Identify social listening keywords and monitor them to spot problems and issues customers are facing. Gather this data, process it, and tailor your social media efforts in a manner that you present your product or service as a solution to the problem. This is another channel that you can tap into to widen your brand’s reach.

Develop sales leads

Social listening is the medium through which data is intercepted. If you’re smart with your listening efforts, you’re sure to be able to amp up revenue. Focus on identifying audience members who are asking for a specific service or product or have a query, and reply to them as quickly as possible. This will give your social media presence a customised touch, foster a relationship between you and your customer, and position you as the caring expert, thereby tipping the scales in your favour.

Gain brand perception insights

Social listening is sure to help you understand your brand’s perception in the audience’s mind. You can monitor user-generated content (OGC) or keywords relating to your brand and see the reaction you are getting. This will help you tailor your marketing efforts, tonality and core communication and ensure that you’re achieving the desired ROI.

Identify influencers

Social media listening is an excellent way to identify potential influencers. Monitoring the right social listening keywords will lead you to influencers that are talking about your industry or service and you can reach out to them to broaden your digital marketing efforts. This will help you roll out campaigns more effectively and once again offer good returns for your marketing spends.

Now that you know the benefits of social media monitoring for your business, take a look at the best social listening tools that you can use. Picking an all-rounder will not only allow you to gather data, but also help you monitor several social media profiles, track keywords, URLs, hashtags, and more.

  • The Keyhole social listening tool monitors your Instagram and Twitter accounts, where you can view real-time and historical data. This tool also allows you to track URLs, usernames, keywords, and other information that will help you carry out sound social media marketing data analysis.

  • The Hootsuite social monitoring tool lets you monitor multiple social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and WordPress. It has features that allow you to manage your social media accounts, schedule posts, collaborate with your team, and so on.

  • The Zoho social listening tool allows you to manage various social media profiles and schedule your posts. Additionally, Zoho also helps you measure your site’s performance and track conversations from a single dashboard.

  • The Sprout social media monitoring tool helps you increase engagement via useful analytics. Besides this, the tool features a Sprout Social Dashboard that allows you to schedule posts and delegate tasks amongst your team.

Based on the myriad benefits it offers, it makes complete sense to invest in social listening. To streamline your social media efforts, be sure to budget for this aspect of social media marketing in the coming year.