Why social media can give your firm’s growth a major boost

Increase in India’s smartphone penetration and internet users along with higher use of social media make it imperative for your brand to start conversations with consumers directly. Here’s how social media marketing impacts your business growth.

Posted by Team Edisol

It’s direct, it’s personal, it’s engaging, it gets you more bang for the buck: social media can do wonders for your brand when you use it right. Let’s concentrate on some of the statistically-proven reasons on how social media can help boost your firm’s growth:

1. It’s there around the clock

All your customers need is internet, and they can access your company’s social media profile 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You too can log into your company’s account whenever you want and post news, updates, event information, images, etc. Social media allows you to contact your customers at a time of their choosing, rather than the other way around.

2. Offers high value with low cost

Marketing through the social media costs less than other avenues of traditional advertising while giving you a reach unlike any other. Considering the fact that more than 55 million people visit social media websites each day — with a continuously growing number of new users — it’s almost wasteful not to opt for social media marketing services.

3. Improves traffic to your website

When you share relevant and informative content on your social media pages, you can be assured of more visits to your website. And you can use this to your advantage based on your industry and offerings. Turning potential visitors into leads becomes easier, especially when you know how to create perfect social media posts.

4. Increases brand recognition

Isn’t it always better to remember the name of an important person rather than just their face? Companies work along the same concept, which is the reason why it matters if customers can remember your brand. Statistically, more than 80% customers connect to a brand through Facebook while over 50% do the same over Twitter.

5. Satisfies your customer

Whether it’s an inquiry or a complaint, customers want a quick solution that doesn’t involve visiting your office, calling you or emailing you. In response, it isn’t practical for you to address each customer’s issues in person either. However, customer satisfaction is of primary importance for any business. Social media is your best and most efficient solution for this. After all, more than 50% of SME clients use it to address issues, make remarks, or give testimonials.

6. Separate yourself from the herd

Ask yourself how many times you’ve searched Google for an answer and navigated to the second page. Let’s say 2 out of 2000 times? When competing with thousands of other firms for the first page, your organic search results need to be exceptional if you want more business. According to 60% marketers worldwide, social media marketing builds brand authority, thus propelling you through the ranks of competitors and towards that coveted first page.

These 6 reasons should be all the proof you need to build or ramp up your social media presence! While you can use tools to help you create social media posts on the go, it is wise to employ professionals to handle your marketing. To grow your brand online, simply get in touch with us.