Top 4 ways to be found locally on Google

Each spot on Google’s top local businesses list is coveted by many, so make sure that you double your SEO efforts to secure first place

Posted by Team Edisol

In the past, Google search results displayed seven local businesses that matched a specific query. Today, the space is much more competitive. When a user searches for a business on Google, the search engine lists just the top 3 results along with a map pointing out their location, irrespective of whether the user is on a desktop or mobile phone. While Google gives users the option to view more places, featuring on the list of top 3 local businesses increases visibility and traffic, helping you boost revenue.

Wondering how to rank higher on Google? Here are the best ways to achieve your goal.

Update your Google My Business page

Adding accurate and recent information to your Google My Business page increases your chances of being featured in Google search’s top results. So whether you move your office, change your contact number or start offering new services, remember to update your page with the information.

In addition, make sure that the information is consistent on other platforms be it your website, a third-party directory, or a review site. This is vital because Google collects information about your business from every source before listing search results. Incorrect information will reduce your chances of ranking.

Make your website mobile-friendly

According to Statista, in 2018, 52.2% of web traffic around the globe was generated through mobile phones. Today, looking up a store or a business via a smartphone has become second nature due to the convenience it offers. Therefore, if your website won’t load properly on a mobile phone, your Google search result ranking will take a hit. So, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly as there are noticeable benefits to a responsive website for all platforms. Also, use the right fonts and buttons so that you can optimise your site for local mobile search and improve the customer experience as well.

Attract reviews from local review sites

Another way to improve your Google business listing position is to garner excellent reviews. This is only possible when you offer great products and services. The better the reviews you get on local review platforms, the higher your average rating will be. This not only increases your chances of appearing in Google’s search results, but it also increases the chances of you being viewed as the best in the business.

Getting good reviews is especially important now, as Google allows users to filter businesses with a specific star rating and you don’t want to be left behind. A pro-tip: incentivise your customers with a perk or discount to give you a review. It’s a win-win situation!

List yourself in old-school digital directories

Digital directories are old school, but still very powerful. Listing your business on online business directories makes it easier for users to find you. By making your presence felt on multiple online platforms you increase visibility, local search rankings, and gather useful links to your website that in turn improve your Google search ranking.

Developing a local search optimisation plan shouldn’t be a one-time endeavour. Make sure that you fine-tune it periodically to keep pace with changes in Google’s ranking parameters and algorithms. More importantly, don’t hesitate to contact experts if your SEO strategy needs an overhaul. For tailored, smart and effective SEO services, contact us at Edisol.