Signs you need a content marketing strategy for your business

To get the best returns, your content should stem from a tailored content marketing strategy. If you spot these red flags, you need a content marketing strategy right away!

Posted by Team Edisol

Be it through views, comments, inquiries or likes, the content that you publish online must lead to engagement. Offering informative, witty and relevant content is important, but not enough.

To get the best returns, your content should stem from a tailored content marketing strategy that has been designed keeping your company’s broader goals in mind. When it feels like you’re putting out content, but no one’s listening, check for these 3 signs. They’re the red flags that indicate that you need a content marketing strategy, stat!

Your website or blog isn’t making it to search results

Even though you publish content regularly, this could be the outcome if you don’t optimise your content for search engines. What should you do instead? It’s simple. Incorporate a range of keywords to ensure that your target audience actually finds the content that you’re putting out when they search for it.

In addition to dissecting SEO functionality, know if the content you’re putting out is relevant. Tools available on Google will help you gauge this. Once you’re sure of relevance and have worked on the SEO aspect, push the content on public domains. This creates backlinks to your website that route traffic back to you, and in the long run boosts your Google ranking.

Your content generates negligible engagement

If you follow a strict uploading schedule, maintain a fixed tonality for all your content and posts, and yet are unable to create engagement, you clearly need to focus on content marketing. To create engaging content you need to understand that it is forever changing, and a formula that worked well for you last quarter may or may not work in the coming months.

So, adapt to keep pace with what audiences seek. In this regard, it makes sense to hire a content marketing agency as they know what your customers are looking for. They can address your customers’ expectations, without compromising on your goals.

You’re winging it!

If you don’t have a plan at all, now’s the time to consider a content marketing strategy. A haphazard effort will offer a mix of hits and misses, but a structured approach will ensure that the highs are consistent and the lows are restricted to the bare minimum.

In effect, you can be sure that the money you’re spending is offering the best results it can. Remember, regardless of what your goals are, you can use content marketing smartly to expedite the rate at which you can achieve them.

Whether it’s increasing traffic, establishing your brand’s personality or creating a buzz about your products and services, content marketing is a tool that won’t let you down. If traditional, expensive forms of marketing or even digital marketing isn’t offering you adequate ROI, give content marketing a chance? Contact us at Edisol to give your business the competitive edge it needs to reach its goals.