Make the most of social media with Pinterest!

Don’t know how to navigate the world of Pinterest? This guide comprising Pinterest marketing tips will give you a leg up!

Posted by Team Edisol

Typically, brands put out content online through social advertisements. Research shows that this is an ineffective approach to brand-building, as 4 in 10 consumers simply scroll past these without even giving them a second thought. This means that you’re spending your marketing rupee without gaining positive results. Instead, it is wise to embrace a medium that boasts of higher engagement, and Pinterest features high in this regard.

Based on research conducted by Nielsen, a leading data and measurement company, over 95% of pinners try out new things they find on Pinterest. As a marketer, this is an incredible finding because you can take advantage of this customer behaviour to grow your brand on the platform.

Take a look at how you can develop a marketing strategy on Pinterest.

Use Pinterest marketing to attract customers

Before you set up a Pinterest business account, understand why people use Pinterest. This is key to formulating any strategy worth implementing. Typically, pinners are that part of your audience that has passed the stage of consideration and is looking for a solution. At this stage, the audience has two options: to do it themselves or make a purchase. This is where your content comes into play. Once you’re sure that the platform suits your requirements and brand offerings, go ahead and register for a Pinterest business account.

Stand out from the competition with Rich Pins

At Pinterest’s core is pins, and these pins let you create bite-sized content that is easy to digest. However, this isn’t always favourable for the consumer as certain products/services require a little more explanation to make an impression. This is where Rich Pins come into play. You can use this variant of the pin to deliver a great first impression and cement your position in the minds of the audience by providing a few extra details. At this stage, knowing how to create the perfect social media post definitely plays in your favour.

Boost your reach using Promoted Pins

As Pinterest is a social media platform like Facebook and Instagram, you can promote pins. Research suggests that 50% of pinners have made a purchase after being exposed to a Promoted Pin or Pinterest ads. Another source says that Pinterest advertisers earn $2 for every dollar invested. These numbers are reason enough for you to seriously consider promoting pins. You can use them to establish dominance on a platform that isn’t saturated yet.

Grow your knowledge bank using Pinsights

Another element of Pinterest’s business section is Pinsights. It showcases behavioral studies, measurement results and industry research curated by Pinterest. You can use these to sharpen your own strategy and ensure that it aligns with customer behaviour patterns. Understand what works and the trends that are currently in play and use them to your advantage. Social media is always in flux and riding the trend wave is a sure-fire to stay in the spotlight and be noticed.

Once you learn how to market on Pinterest, you’re sure to be able to drive an increase in engagement and conversions. Before you get started, remember that it’s important to know the stage of the purchase cycle that your customer is at, and tweak these Pinterest marketing tips accordingly for best results. As this task requires ample time and expertise, consider bringing experts such as Edisol on board and set yourself up for success. Contact us today!