How does a coffee table book boost brand value

A coffee table book makes a statement, helping you spotlight your company’s history and legacy. Here’s why its an important marketing tool in your content strategy.

Posted by Team Edisol

Apart from digital content that you post online, it’s also worth considering a coffee table book as a hero element of your content strategy. Unlike a monthly newsletter or magazine, a coffee table book is timeless. Not only does it make a statement in your office’s lobby, but it also serves to capture your company’s history and legacy.

Take a closer look at how a coffee table book emphasises your brand’s appeal.

Narrates your success story

Whether you have taken your business from a start-up to an international firm or are continuing your family’s legacy, every business has a story to tell. A professionally-designed coffee table book captures this and helps bring new talent and investors on board. You can use this tool to emphasise your journey to victory.

Honours your achievements

Whether it’s winning an MSME award or bagging a woman leadership award, you’re sure to want to showcase your accomplishments. A coffee table book is the perfect way to draw attention to your achievements. While an in-house newsletter or magazine may not allow you to go into details, a coffee table book is perfect for a deep dive.

Elucidates your business principles

Do you pride yourself on being edgy, innovative or driven by the need to serve society? Regardless of what your business’ ethos is, a coffee table books gives you ample room to talk about the foundations that you have built your company on, and also helps build lasting business partnerships, be it with clients or investors. By taking your time to outline your business principles and motto, you can eloquently represent what your company stands for.

Showcases your style

While your business may have nothing to do with décor or clothing, the first impression is the last impression for any entity. The design and layout of your coffee table book showcases your outlook and style. It could be minimalistic, traditional or bold, depending on the image you wish to project. Through the right design, you can portray your business as a professional, ambitious setup that keeps pace with the times. In this manner, coffee table books speak volumes without you having to spell out every detail.

At the core of an impactful coffee table book is content that is sharp and design that is cohesive. To execute your vision right down to the last detail, contact us at Edisol.