Coffee Table Book Services

Tell your brand story with coffee table books

Narrate your brand’s milestones aesthetically with a coffee table book. Our content creation and design services ensure a perfect blend of storytelling and visual impact. Complemented by our photography services, coffee table books can inspire, entertain and give your audience valuable insight about your brand legacy, achievements, and partners.

Coffee table books help businesses:

Tell visually-appealing stories
Showcase creativity
Highlight milestones & achievements
Enhance branded content

Edisol’s approach to coffee table books

Designing a coffee table book goes beyond simply pairing stunning photography with well-written copy. The secret ingredient is storytelling and our team is equipped with the skills and writing flair to tell a good story. We aim to design coffee table books that inspire your readers while putting forth your best creative ideals. Our philosophy is simple: Your strengths remain the hero, our copywriting and design services play the role of the sidekick.

Formats of a coffee table book

Typically, a coffee table book is a physical hardback book with glossy pages and an attractive cover page. These are ideal for offices, conferences, events or to be presented to stakeholders or consumers. A coffee table book can also exist as a digital resource to be sent as a form of branded content. These are great for online PR activities or even as downloadable resources available on company websites.

Types of coffee table books

  • Company milestones
  • Top-performing employees
  • Social projects/initiatives
  • Awards and achievements
  • Partnerships
  • Brand history
  • Founder(s) profiles