Are you neglecting inbound marketing? Here’s why you shouldn’t

From cost effectiveness to boosting SEO efforts, here are some reasons why you cannot afford to neglect inbound marketing

Posted by Team Edisol

Over the years, marketing tactics have evolved to suit the ever-growing psychology of the customer base: from the traditional marketing measures such as cold calling, outdoor exhibitions, and conferences to the more targeted, new-age approaches under the inbound-marketing umbrella.

While older methods may still have a place in the modern marketing scene, research shows that inbound marketing strategies are far better suited for lead generation and customer retention. As per recent reports, inbound marketing was found generating 3 times as many leads per penny when compared to traditional marketing.

However, even though the statistics lean towards inbound marketing, it isn't uncommon to find businesses without a solid content strategy in place. To help you truly understand its benefits, here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t neglect inbound marketing for your business.

Follows the 3-pronged approach with the customer at its heart

The ideologies that govern inbound marketing are value-oriented and differ greatly from other approaches. Here, every strategy in place revolves around the attract-engage-and-delight approach, which in essence translates to nurturing audiences all through the purchase cycle. It works by investing completely in interacting with the user right from the first visit to a website to long after a purchase has been made.

Inbound marketing is usually done by email, on-site chat applications and other provisions that customers can engage with. However, in order to get to this stage, your business must attract customers with content that provides value.

Blogs, for example, are a key performing format that over 55% of marketers recommend. This is because research has shown that blogs can help increase the number of inbound links to your website by up to 97%. Further, it is also found that 61% of readers will go on to make a purchase based on a blog recommendation, especially from an authoritative source. This speaks volumes for the value-oriented approach that inbound marketing follows and highlights why you shouldn’t neglect it.

Costs less and delivers better results when compared to outbound measures

As per the above statistics, it is clear that inbound marketing is the right way to build quality leads. To further drive the point, a study reported that 71% of respondents said that sales-oriented content is badly received and off-putting, thereby lowering the chances of a sale. Additionally, inbound marketing is also focused on nurturing leads and this leads to a 50% hike in overall sales at a cost that is 33% cheaper than what you’d incur if your leads weren’t given any personalised attention.

Allows marketing content to be recycled for value

A key benefit of inbound marketing is that the content is easily recyclable and can be constantly improved upon to stay relevant. This does away with the limitations faced with other restrictive strategies and allows you to ride the trend wave more naturally. Investing in reusing content is also simpler and can be cheaper than having specially tailored content created from scratch.

Boosts SEO metrics and efforts

The hike in inbound links is among the many noteworthy benefits of inbound marketing. This greatly helps your SEO efforts and increases your organic reach exponentially. These metrics translate into enhanced SERP rankings which then keeps the growth cycle in motion, so long as it is backed by valuable content. For example, research shows that stellar content can increase blog traffic by up to 2000%, and these increments are further complemented by inbound marketing’s core traits.

Now that you see the value in inbound marketing, the next step is to identify and create an amazing strategy that works with your business. It is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and it is best to have a tailored plan to follow. This ensures that you highlight all the particulars of your business that help it stand out in the market and add a personalised touch that your audience can relate to.

However, perfecting a strategy and carrying it out efficiently takes a trained hand and so, it is best to opt for the services of a specialised digital content creation agency like Edisol. This ensures you reap all the benefits of inbound marketing and have a stream of evergreen content that you can always fall back on to stay value-oriented.

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