All you need to know about shadowbans

What, how and what next—your primer to understanding this Instagram evil.

Posted by Team Edisol

While you want maximum reach and engagement for your business profile on Instagram, a shadowban can severely limit its growth. It can have a profound impact on how your posts perform, and given the fact that there are numerous social media platforms and plenty of businesses vying for the consumer’s attention, it pays to stay ahead of the curve.

What is a shadowban?

A shadowban refers to a situation where your content on social media is blocked without you knowing. An Instagram shadowban means that your posts will only be visible to those who follow you and not be discoverable by others.

  • Shadowbans have the ability to stop a digital marketing strategy dead in its tracks as they completely hide posts from audiences.
  • This, in conjunction with ever-changing algorithms, makes it problematic for businesses to see results via the social media platform.

Why does an account get shadowbanned?

An Instagram account gets shadowbanned mainly when it violates the platform’s Terms of Use.

  • The first likely cause of shadowbans is very common, and happens when you use any service to automate functionality for your account. This includes posting, commenting or similar activity.
  • The second, is when you use broken hashtags. These are ones that Instagram has found violating its terms. So, any content shared using such hashtags is hidden, and the account is flagged. Broken hashtags mainly involve explicit content and so, if you find such hashtags in your posts, eliminate them as soon as possible.
  • The third, is when your account shows a surge in activity. If you suddenly gain a sizeable number of followers and likes, Instagram algorithms may label it as an illegal use of bots.

How to check if your account is shadowbanned?

The first sign to watch out for is a drastic drop in engagement and reach. If you notice that your posts are only getting traction from those on your followers list, chances are that you’ve received a ban.

The second way to test for shadowbanning is to post something with hashtags on your account. Now, using an account that doesn’t follow yours, search for the same hashtags you used earlier. If your post doesn’t come up under the ‘Recent’ tab, your business account may be shadowbanned.

How can you prevent your business profile from getting shadowbanned?

  • The best way to prevent a shadowban is to ensure that you comply with the norms set down by Instagram.
  • The second way is to constantly monitor the hashtags that you use. If you notice any broken hashtags, make rectifications quickly so that your account isn’t flagged.

How can you recover from a shadowban?

  • Stop using services of a scheduler, planner or a bot to inflate engagement.
  • Another tactic is to ease up on your social media activity for a few days. Avoid posting for at least 48 hours and revisit every hashtag you’ve used to identify and eliminate every possible cause.
  • Lastly, migrate to a different IP address. Sources suggest that Instagram flags IP addresses that have contributed to suspicious activity in the past. While this hasn’t been verified yet, it’s something you can consider when you’re willing to examine every possible angle.

Steering clear of such a ban should be a priority for every business that is looking to build an organic following. However, staying up to date with the latest rules and broken hashtags is a demanding affair. To keep abreast and protect your business’ social media marketing efforts, employ the services of professionals. To accomplish your social media marketing goals and sustain organic growth, get in touch with us.