4 reasons why you need a content calendar for better marketing

Whether you want to hit all the right notes on social media or simply want to measure your returns through content, having a content calendar is an indispensable cog of the wheel.

Posted by Team Edisol

A well-designed website and social media presence makes for a good beginning, but knowing how to publish quality content consistently is key to driving brand reach, awareness, and engagement. While this is often the toughest aspect of content creation, there are ways to simplify the process. You can publish content consistently, while maintaining quality and easing the pressure on your content creation team with a content calendar.

When it comes to content development, this tried and tested tool can do wonders for both quality and efficiency. You can double the output and also allot time to address special events in real time, should the need arise. A content calendar is an effective marketing tool that can be as simple as a spreadsheet or as detailed as a customised calendar that allows multiple creators to access and edit it at once.

Here are 4 benefits of drawing up a content calendar for better executing your content and social media marketing strategy.

An organisational tool unlike any other

Posting content on the fly is not a healthy practice if your goal is to engage with your audience. A content calendar lets you visualise and organise content based on the platform and the audience that it caters to.

Social media calendars also help you plan your content around special events that are relevant to your audience. Never miss another seasonal post or a special event that is gaining all the hits on social media! Simply make sure it is accounted for in your content calendar.

Improves consistency and efficiency

Being reliable is a trait that benefits businesses greatly and to attain it through content, you need to ensure a steady stream of high-quality, engaging content. A content calendar ensures consistency in your posting and positioning.

Moreover, it increases output capabilities, which translates into richer returns in the long run. That’s why a content calendar ranks as one of the most vital digital marketing tools.

Facilitates effective planning

Good content is not only worded well, but also has strong design and branding. This can only be achieved with minimal errors if you’ve allotted ample time for execution. A content planning calendar is especially important to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest as resources need to be allotted to ensure that you create content of the highest quality. Last-minute productions will definitely dampen the impact of your content.

Additionally, a planned social media calendar for the week or month will significantly reduce the pressure you put on your creative team, as it gives all stakeholders involved ample time to plan for the deliverables that they’re accountable for.

Simplifies campaign reporting

Campaign reporting is an indispensable part of understanding the needs of the market and making improvements. Content calendars make it easy to track posts and action follow-up changes if necessary.

Additionally, knowing exactly what went into a piece of content is essential to understanding if a pattern can be formulated. These patterns are a great way to give audiences themed information, which allows for better information retention amongst the audience and also helps achieve your SEO targets more closely.

As you invest precious time and money in creating digital content, focus on measurable returns for every ounce of effort. By bringing a content marketing agency such as Edisol on board, not only do you have content calendar creation and execution taken care of, you can also achieve your targets more effectively. Get to know our digital marketing portfolio and contact us to grow your business!