10x content: Important questions to ask before creating it

With 10x content making the waves, top brands invest a great deal to make it to the coveted #1 spot on search engines. But, is it replacing the existing content marketing strategies, and should you really focus on it for your brand? Find out!

Posted by Team Edisol

Coined by Rand Fishkin of Moz, 10x content is content that exceeds what you can find for a given keyword in quality by ten times. In an age where good content is much more commonly found, this distinction sets standards across the board. This is primarily because 10x content targets two very key factors of marketing – delivering quality and earning authoritative backlinks. However, the path to excellence, while well laid out, isn’t one that everyone can set out on.

Making the transition to creating 10x content isn’t an easy one, nor is it one that everyone can afford. Further, by no means is it an approach that should replace existing content marketing strategies either. If anything, it should leverage these as support to secure the coveted #1 spot on search engines.

Keep reading to better understand if 10x content is for you and if so, how to craft it.

What is 10x content strategy and why does 10x content matter?

Content that is designed to be ten times better than the top-performing publications in its category is something no one can overlook. It is content that answers the question, ‘what is viral content?’ This is an obvious reason why it matters, but it does go beyond the quantitative measures. 10x content, when done right, serves as a benchmark and usually establishes the standard in a given space. In a niche, this position is highly coveted and extremely valuable. It near guarantees ROI and establishes authority naturally.

In a more competitive landscape, 10x content can earn you the number one spot on search engines like Google. This translates to either the first result or the first-page result, both of which are highly sought after. Among the key reasons is that just 0.78% of people searching on Google will venture onto the second page of results. So, if you do not rank on the first page, chances are that you won’t see much traffic, if at all.

10x content targets two very key factors of marketing – delivering quality and earning authoritative backlinks.

Lastly, 10x content matters mainly because search engine algorithms have gotten a lot smarter over the years. Ever since the start of the last decade, Google has been actively improving the quality of content its users are exposed to. Consistent changes have steadily weeded out poor, low-quality content that marketers have resorted to in an attempt to pad the metrics. Today, it is all about content that users value and 10x content delivers on this in the best possible manner.

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What makes 10x worth it?

In the ocean of content available to users, it falls onto search engines to sift through the noise to ensure that the end-user gets the best. Naturally, 10x content will stand out and by a mile. The first reason being the quality, the second, and more importantly, is presentation. A key attribute of 10x content is its UX. What makes it so special is that every aspect of said content is optimised to deliver at the highest quality. As such, it leverages the digital medium to the maximum, which has upsides.

Among these is that it reduces the bounce rate. While good content has proven effective in this regard, the degree of quality matters. As per data, the quality of published content can be the deciding factor being a 60% bounce rate and a 35% bounce rate. This could very well be the case for good and excellent content, the latter being 10x content.

Embarking on the 10x journey: A guided walkthrough

Creating 10x content isn’t easy or quick. It takes time, effort, and a great deal of resources. This is because not only is the content unique, but in order to be considered 10x, it has to go above and beyond. Blog posts ranging between 400-800 words with adequate SEO, while effective at getting clicks, won’t cut it and hardly qualify as viable 10x content examples. The goal is to deliver a comprehensive, research-backed, and purposeful solution that tops anything that coexists in the space. To make that happen, here’s a guide.

Be clear about the criteria for 10x content

To qualify, content must:

  • Be credible
  • Offer a great user experience and rest on great UI on any device
  • Address a query on a wider scope, offering greater insight that the competition
  • Solve the problem or answer the question in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner
  • Trigger an emotional response akin to admiration or awe
  • Showcase innovation in how it is being communicated

Focus on gathering deep insights

This stage of the process involves doing a thorough comparative analysis of the top-performing content for a given query or keyword. Since the goal is to exceed it, and by ten times, research has to be exceptional as well. This stage is crucial to finding alternate lines of thought surrounding one topic and ways to explore each to come up with truly valuable content.

Zero in on the query or issue at hand

After the research stage, the next part is to define the purpose or the core problem. This is when an overarching question is formed, which will be answered by the content you wish to create. Purpose is key and defining it properly can only happen after doing enough research on the topic.

Optimise the user experience

This stage includes innovation that will affect how content is created and presented. To stand out, it is critical that content isn’t created with the same mould used by countless others before. Here, the goal is to innovate a content model that is high quality and hard to recreate. This establishes uniqueness and may be the factor that sets your content apart. Next is to ensure that its presentation doesn’t lack in any way. This is where the user experience comes into play. Expertise on how content should look for different mediums is key to ensure users interact with content as intended.

Hire appropriately

Not everyone can create 10x content. It requires a dedicated team to handle research, writing, artwork, design, and all the other aspects involved. Creating value requires skill and the run-of-the-mill content farms aren’t likely to deliver. 10x content demands specialists in their field, those that know the limits and have the know-how to redefine them.

Creating value requires skill and the run-of-the-mill content farms aren’t likely to deliver. 10x content demands specialists in their field, those that know the limits and have the know-how to redefine them.

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For anyone looking to leave their mark on the internet, 10x content is the most reliable way to do so. It delivers quality, above all else, and search engines like Google are smarter now, more capable of detecting this. Gone are the days when you could get away with a shady tactic that involved keyword stuffing or manipulation. Today, you need to wow the reader, while being mindful of intent and presentation. This is easier said than done, especially if you don’t have the right personnel on the job. Skilled content creators are essential to the process as creating 10x content is a resource-intensive undertaking.

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