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Our Digital Marketing Services

Content writing services

Be it thought leadership content, website content or blogs, creating experiential content is our forte. Using cutting-edge formats, from videos to infographics, we create and execute a customised content strategy.

Social media marketing

Target buyer personas across the spectrum with our specialised Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn marketing services. We focus on numbers that actually matter – ROI over retainer, leads over likes.

Search marketing

Crafting intelligent SEO, SEM and Google Ad strategies to boost paid and unpaid traffic is what we do using a range of tools, analytics data and authority-building content. After all, (key) words power action!

Inbound marketing

Our versatile team helps you attract customers through all content formats and campaign types, be it email marketing, whitepapers, e-guides, case studies & reports, brochures & newsletters, or advertorials.

Corporate Communication

Whether it’s employee communication that builds team morale, smart PR that drives awareness or a crisis communication campaign to maintain brand image during difficult times, we craft the right message.

Visual marketing services

From infographics to product demos for video marketing campaigns, our skilled design & photography team ensures that all visual media is custom-made to drive engagement, suiting your brand’s style guide and your audience.

We help you take control of your brand’s narrative

Build brand recall, drive engagement and forge meaningful conversations with your target audience through our digital marketing services. Whether your goal is to nurture leads, build your online reputation, boost customer retention or generate sales, our customised marketing services will make a measurable impact.

Content creation milestones

Blogs written20,000+

Social media updates posted5000+

Infographics designed2500+

Digital marketing – the Edisol approach

Why we aren't just another digital marketing company

We're Relentless – be it with SEO or content
Each keyword, punctuation mark and online branding strategy is chosen with careful consideration to ensure that it is the right fit for you.
We're Determined – to grow your online reputation
We take the time to understand your brand's personality and conduct custom research to handcraft solutions that boost organic reach.
We're Transparent – as a social media marketing agency
No false promises. No vague deadlines. No excuses. All our social media marketing services are based on what we believe will actually benefit you.
We're Inventive – be it with videos or blogs
We go the extra mile to create intelligent, original content that complements your digital marketing strategy or content marketing goals.
We're Agile – be it with B2C or B2B content marketing
We straddle both realms of digital advertising, B2B and B2C, to create value and make a measurable difference for your brand.
We’re Always Evolving – With digital marketing trends
Our team is armed with the best digital marketing practices in the industry and we know just how to execute an idea for maximum impact.

What they’re saying about our content marketing services

"I'd highly recommend Edisol's services for their commitment to my brand's competitiveness, rapid response times and unerring levels of quality."

Flipkart Stories, Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd.

What they’re saying about our social media marketing services

"Edisol can be trusted to take on any job with complete dedication and deliver."


What they’re saying about our digital marketing services

"Edisol helped us kick-start our efforts on Facebook and got us moving in the right direction."

Beeaar Hyundai and Dream Nissan, Lucknow

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