Significance of white papers for successful B2B content marketing

The power of white papers in B2B content marketing cannot be over-emphasized. Here’s why they need to be part of your content marketing strategy.

Posted by Team Edisol

A research-driven content format, a white paper is a great tool for introducing and explaining your product or service and pointing out how it can solve your customers’ problems. You can also use it to offer in-depth insights, discuss industry problems, and present well-researched opinions. All in all, a white paper serves as a comprehensive guide and helps indirectly promote your business.

Thanks to the formal tone and factual information, white papers are extremely effective as a B2B marketing tool. In fact, 71% of B2B consumers turned to white papers when making a buying decision in 2017–2018. This underscores the very real difference between B2B and B2C content. But it is also proof that white papers should be an important component of your content marketing strategy. Here’s more on how they help.

White papers are lead generators

A well-researched white paper gives accurate, detailed information that businesses can use to solve their problems. It helps you communicate that you care about the businesses you cater to and thus builds a relationship of trust, which in turn improves conversion rates.

In addition, white papers help you generate leads, as you can request information such as name, email ID and perhaps the name of the company before allowing a white paper download. In this manner, you can build a database of leads that you can tap into at the right time.

White papers reflect your expertise

Since a whitepaper is an in-depth and features high-quality research, publishing one will help you stand out in your industry. It is a testament to your expertise, skill, and knowledge, and hence gives your business an edge.

White papers establish your brand’s image

Not only does a white paper offer meaningful solutions, but it also subtly draws attention to the issues you deem important and the steps you’re taking to tackle them. While white papers aren’t an advertising medium, through clever use of language you can convey what your brand stands for, and its ethos, values, and mission.

White paper builds long-lasting relationships

Publishing a white paper, in addition to newsletters, emailers and an active presence on public forums, shows that you’re committed to putting your clients’ welfare first. By projecting your priorities clearly and being generous with the information you offer, you are more likely to be able to convert prospective clients into loyal customers.

When you use it carefully and strategically, a white paper can contribute to the growth of your company. Just remember to craft your white paper in a compelling and convincing manner to achieve the desired results. For expertise on how to get started, contact us.