The most important SEO trends that you need to take note of

Be it intent optimisation or website optimisation, here are 3 key SEO trends that you should be mindful of as 2019 comes to a close.

Posted by Team Edisol

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of increasing your website’s visibility to your target audience using top search engines like Google. Today, SEO is vital to any business online, as data shows that 39% of all e-commerce traffic starts with a search on a search engine.

On the technical side, the key to good SEO is to tailor your website to search engine algorithms. That said, the SEO landscape has been rapidly changing in the last few years with various search engines tweaking their algorithms to generate authentic results that matter to their users.

To keep your visibility high in such an environment, here are the 3 most important SEO trends to take note of this year.

Voice search and user-intent optimisation

If you thought that you could attain success by stuffing keywords into your content, think again. Search engines today are taking a step back and trying to address what the user’s core intent is when a string of words are entered into the search bar. As a result, latest SEO trends include intent optimisation instead of traditional SEO optimisation.

Voice search, which will make up 50% of searches by 2020, is one way search engines identify this information easily. Therefore, to make the content voice search-friendly, use a question-and-answer format for your content. Further, keep your business listings up to date. Implementing these are important because there is overwhelming data to support the fact that voice search is the way forward and simply can't be ignored.

Content is king as long as it is compelling

Studies from 2018 show that search engines honour content that has a degree of depth and quality to it. The fact that search rankings of websites that provided comprehensive content went up last year is proof of this. Another point to note is that long-form content, that is 750 words or more, often earns important backlinks that in turn generate more traffic for you.

So, as you plan your content marketing strategy, know that it's not enough to just post a blog. The article must have value too! It’s better to focus on a few informative and factual pieces than many that are haphazardly created for the sake of on-page SEO. This isn’t to say that keywords aren’t important. The key is to understand how to create engaging content, and then weave the right keywords into your articles tactfully.

Mobile-friendly websites will bring in more revenue

Today, around 58% of all searches start on a mobile, not a PC or a laptop. Additionally, data shows that 51% of people agree that they are more likely to avail of goods and services from a site if it is mobile-friendly.

With engines like Google Search moving to mobile-first indexing to generate results, website optimisation and creating a speedy mobile version of your page is of utmost importance. Having responsive pages that work across platforms is key to winning leads and bringing in generous revenues as well.

In a nutshell, SEO is evolving and your strategy needs to change as well. To get the approach in place and enjoy the seamless execution of SEO-rich content, get in touch with Edisol. Benefit from expert insights and improve your presence on online channels quickly.