Important marketing terms every marketer should know!

From CTA to bounce rate, take a look at the content marketing terms that you should know inside out for stellar results.

Posted by Team Edisol

Having a grasp on important and commonly used marketing phrases, especially content marketing terms, will help you make the most of your efforts. From understanding new approaches and increasing your business’ ROI to refining your marketing strategy, this knowledge is the key to achieving your objectives and gaining traction online and offline.

No matter what your sphere of business is, take a look at essential marketing jargon you should know of to improve your bottom line.

Buyer persona

This is an outline of your brand’s ideal customer and is created on the basis of data from market research. Creating a buyer persona can help you define your target audience and market to it more efficiently. For instance, knowing that millennials are your primary audience can help you create content that is relevant to this age group.

Lifetime value (LTV)

This is used to quantify the total profit you can make from your business per customer. For every customer, this is a representation of the net profit that your business will generate through the entire relationship. This can help you refine your social media marketing and content creation budget.

Application Programming Interface (API)

This is a set of guidelines in computer programming and allows for the extraction of information from a service or application. You can then analyse this data and resolve customers’ pain points.

Business blogging

Just like regular blogging, business blogging involves creating posts that inform, educate and create awareness about your products and services. Companies often avail professional blog writing services to increase website traffic, generate leads, and build brand identity effectively.

Bounce rate

When a visitor to your webpage exits or goes back without viewing any other page on your website, it contributes to your page’s bounce rate. In order to ensure maximum conversion, it is important to maintain a low website bounce rate. For instance, you can decrease the bounce rate with more targeted communication or by offering a free downloadable resource to your audience.

Evergreen content

While content pertaining to new trends and developments in your field is important, evergreen content is just as essential. Evergreen content marketing, like the name suggests, has long-lasting relevance for the consumer and is likely to get views continually, regardless of the date of publication.

Cost per lead (CPL)

Cost per lead helps you understand how much your business pays in order to acquire a new lead and will help you review your marketing budgets and customer acquisition strategy.

Call to action

A call to action is a clear message that invites your consumers to act upon the communication that they have just consumed, with the intention of turning a visitor into a customer. For instance, if you’ve sent your database a newsletter introducing the new additions to your product line, your CTA can be a button that encourages them to shop the new collection.

Use this glossary of content marketing terms to better your content strategy. However, to ensure measurable results, consider hiring professionals for your company’s unique content and social media marketing requirements.

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