How to write a compelling brand story? 5 simple tips

Your brand is fuelled by a vision and your audience is wired for storytelling. Sounds like a match, doesn’t it? Crafting a compelling brand story is what will turn lookers-on into customers and advocates. Try these 5 simple tips when communicating your story.

Posted by Team Edisol

Storytelling is a powerful tool, and especially so in the marketing world. With the right message, your brand can build lasting connections with audiences and completely transform the way it is perceived. This is the main reason why it is so important to know how to write a compelling brand story. A great story sets the stage for success as it gives you a strong branded statement to link back to as you employ digital marketing services en route to achieving your goals. This shows authenticity – a vital trait that customers look for in brands today.

However, achieving this isn’t easy and often results in questions like:

  • What is brand narrative?
  • How to write a good brand story?
  • What are the steps to write a brand story?

While there is no standard answer to such questions, creating a brand story is actually an immensely practical matter.

Here are 5 points to get you started on your own brand story.


The brand’s personality is among the most important elements and is one that absolutely must stand out. Given the fact that a brand story for content marketing isn’t an advertorial piece, the focus here is towards the more relatable aspects of the brand. These include deeply impactful traits such as trustworthiness, reliability, honesty, authenticity, and others, all of which are imperative to humanising the brand.

In fact, the more relatable a story is, the better is it received and understood by its audience. To successfully connect with your audience, and thereby build trust, first identify key traits, and then compose a narrative around it.


How to write your brand story in a way that engages? Keep it simple. Say no to convoluted plots that dissuade readers from sticking with the story. Simple narratives perform better as they cater to the average reader and his/her ability to comprehend what you’re trying to say.

Avoiding complexity also allows you to experiment with minimalistic design and visual elements, both of which are quite popular today. With a story that’s easy to grasp, with all its essential elements, readers can identify with your brand. This improves brand recall, referral marketing, and other such parameters important to inbound marketing.


Brand stories bring out a company’s personality and put it out for the world to read. While this clearly has its upsides, it also means that you need to be extra careful with what you say and how you say it. This is where consistency comes in and you can refer to this tone of voice checklist when defining your brand’s voice.

Beyond tonality, the message you put out as a brand should always have a central ideal or focus point, to which you ultimately lead back to. This way, you don’t confuse audiences or, worse, contradict yourself. Without a sense of consistency, audiences may lose faith or trust in a brand and think it inauthentic. So, make it a point to write your brand story with coherence in mind.


This is integral to building trust among readers and do so effectively, you must have a clearly-defined raison d'être. For some brands, this reason alone serves as the foundation for the story and ultimately shapes the way it is perceived. Ideally, the brand story for digital marketing should link the reason to the mission statement or a powerful social cause. These are strong elements that make for good storytelling.

Emotional connect

In the attempt to be compelling, it is important that you not lose sight of the objective: to connect with the customer. To that end, humanising your brand, via the story, is important and can help you forge an emotional connect through marketing. This can be through shared ideologies, experiences, or even feelings. Ultimately, you want the customer to feel understood and involve the reader and the storyteller in a meaningful dialogue.

By giving importance to these 5 elements, it is much easier to hit the right notes when composing a compelling brand story. Given the power storytelling has on audiences, evoking the right reactions, especially over digital media, is key. However, this is easier said than done.

New-age marketing and content creation requires a skilled hand to deliver tangible, profitable results. At Edisol, we are equipped to handle such a demand and can deliver bespoke digital and content marketing solutions. These ensure you’re putting out the right message to the industry in the most relatable way. Start telling your brand’s story the right way, and grow your brand with us!