7 effective ways on how to get backlinks with content marketing

Content marketing is among the most effective ways to build links and boost your SEO efforts. From guest posting and infographics to using social media and more, here are 7 ways you can create high-quality backlinks to improve your search engine ranking.

Posted by Team Edisol

It is a common goal for businesses to have their website and blogs rank on the top page of Google’s search results. In fact, some companies even spend over $100,000 a month to boost their search rankings. However, to achieve this, companies need to up their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link building game. This is quite challenging but equally rewarding. Building high-quality backlinks requires a lot of time and effort but has a huge influence on your website’s ranking.

But what are backlinks in SEO and what are the different types of backlinks that business websites can benefit from? For answers to these questions and to gain insight into backlinking as a practice, check out these pointers.

What are backlinks?

When another website uses the link of your site as an external link in their content, it is known as a backlink. In other words, it is a link on another site that leads back to content on your site. Backlinks are also known as inbound links. The more websites link back to your site, the higher are the chances of improving your website’s ranking, creditability, and reliability.

How to create backlinks through link building

Link building is the process of increasing the quality and number of backlinks to your website in order to increase site traffic and boost search ranking. Below are some effective ways to build links.

Write a guest blog on related sites

Guest posting is a tried-and-tested strategy to get backlinks for your website. It is a superb method to drive traffic to your website and build credibility. Reach out to websites in your niche that accept guest blogging by simply finding them on Google. Search by keyword and add ‘guest article’ or ‘write for us’ in the end. Create a list of ideas and pitch them to authoritative websites to add value and build high-quality backlinks to your website.

Create high-quality link-worthy content

If you want other businesses and bloggers to link to your website, create content that provides value. This is a time-consuming process, but quality content is the only way to get results. You can publish case studies, create guides, and write articles that provide accurate and meaningful information. Write engaging and useful content that should make readers come back to your site and others consider your website as authoritative.

Make use of Infographics

Around 65% of brands use infographics as a part of their content marketing strategy. The visual representation of data and information in the form of images, charts, and graphics makes concepts easy to understand.

Interestingly, by knowing what to get right in an infographic, you can get 3X more shares than any other type of content.

What’s more, content with infographics is 30X more likely to be read. So, if you’re looking for efficient ways to build links, make sure you incorporate infographics into the mix.

Capitalise on broken links

If you’re wondering how to create backlinks for free, then look no further than broken or dead links on blogs and webpages on the internet. If you have similar, more relevant content, contact the site owners and ask them to replace those dead links with the links to your content. The reason it works is because the updated links improve traffic and quality for the main website. It is a win-win.

Check your competitors’ backlinks

This is a type of competitive analysis that you should use to ensure you’re getting the most of your efforts. Find out where their links are coming from, research the right keywords for SEO purposes, and try to find common patterns in their strategy that you can emulate. SEO tools such as SEMrush work perfectly to help with backlinks. If your competitor has links from a forum or through a guest post on a particular website, you can try it too. Sign up to your competitor’s email newsletters and set up Google Alerts so that you know when they publish new content or get featured on other sites.

Use social media to expand your reach

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to build links to your website. It is a must for your business to be present and active on social media. Sharing new posts, images, and updates promotes engagement and increases your content’s reach. This will lead to exposure of your brand to a new audience, thus resulting in more links.

Build partnerships to leverage referrals

Forge partnerships with other bloggers or businesses and publish guides, infographics, and other content that will benefit both parties. You can even collaborate with people outside your niche to try something new. If you send a lot of traffic to a high authority website, reach out to them and propose a partnership to support each other. Another way of getting high-quality backlinks is by identifying the top referral sources of your website and the type of content they link back. Doing so helps you find new opportunities and produce related content to get a backlink.

Now that you have an answer to the question, ‘how to get backlinks for my website?’, be sure to make it part of your strategies. Creating backlinks helps boost traffic on your web pages and thereby your sales and revenue. However, considering the many ways to build links, it can be quite a challenging task, especially if you don’t have a dedicated team. For a professional makeover, get in touch with Edisol for all your content and digital marketing needs. Our experienced and passionate team not only helps you rank in SEO but takes your business to the next level.