5 common mistakes made in digital campaigns and how to avoid them

Drive your brand towards success by learning from the best digital campaigns out there. And while you’re perfecting your approach to your next campaign, make sure to avoid these 5 common digital campaign marketing mistakes.

Posted by Team Edisol

The most successful digital marketing campaigns are often launched by brands who’ve done it before and are already ahead of the curve. However, this does not mean that you cannot catch up or even outdo your competitors. You just need to learn from the best digital campaigns and fix the flaws in your approach. Getting the nuts and bolts of your digital campaign strategy right is of prime importance, and you may miss out on must-haves if your eyes are only on viral digital marketing campaigns.

To help you lay a solid foundation, here are 5 common digital campaign marketing mistakes to avoid.

Failing to define your target audience to start with

The failure to create a target persona is sure to deal a blow to your online marketing campaign. Without defining your target audience and knowing what engages them will result in an unfruitful campaign and loss of revenue on costly digital marketing ads. Understanding the psychographic and demographic traits of your audience is key to fostering engagement through intelligent use of brand voice and social media platforms. Moreover, with analytic tools providing insights about the behaviourisms and needs of different target personas, you shouldn’t resort to shooting in the dark.

Not addressing your target audience’s need

Digital marketing is less about a product or service and more about how it helps your audience alleviate their problems. So, ensure that your digital campaign does not revolve around ‘what’ features your product/ service offers, but rather on ‘how’ those features can help consumers to better their life. The best digital campaigns also establish an emotional connect by personifying brands and creatively providing the answer to unmet needs. The shifting of the focus to the consumer’s desires ensures higher conversion and engagement.

Forgetting to clearly list out your goals

Successful digital marketing campaigns start with having a goal or a set of goals. Once you have the end in sight, you can lay out a strategy. Simply mimicking interesting digital marketing campaigns launched by competitors won’t promise you much. What you should rather do is step back and review what your brand has to offer, what the need of the market is, how others have addressed that need, and what your USP is. Once you gain clarity, you’ll know what you want from your digital market campaign.

For best results, be very specific. To illustrate,

  • For persona A, the goal is to create brand awareness
  • For persona B, the goal is to upsell
  • The average cost of the digital marketing campaign should be XYZ

Expecting results too quickly

Digital marketing, no matter how effectively and flawlessly implemented, requires time to generate results. Impatience is not something worth resorting to and even though you can have your digital promotion campaign reach thousands in seconds, conversions may take time. Overnight results are not always guaranteed, and you have to account for various competing factors in the market. The customer journey too, from awareness to purchase, may be short for some and long for others. But rather than abort your mission midway, you should stay put so long as your digital campaign is heading towards your goals.

Focusing on quantity and not quality

The best digital marketing campaigns focus on quality. Quantity is important, yes, but quality engaging content makes people want to talk about your offerings. Quality has the potential to breed virality. A unique approach to your content is much better than adopting one that’s been done to death. Moreover, when you have quality layered over every element of your campaign, customers recognise you as an authority. It is this trust, more than anything else, that speeds up the customer journey.

Avoiding these 5 common digital campaign mistakes can take you one step further towards achieving success for your brand in 2021. As you learn from amazing digital marketing campaigns making waves this year, ensure you’ve got a great idea to execute your digital marketing strategy. To cut the mustard with further insights, get the right help and grow your business with Edisol.