4 ingenious ways to market data-heavy infographics

If you’re keen on getting the most out of your data-driven infographics, these tactics won’t disappoint.

Posted by Team Edisol

Visual content is the leading element in a marketer’s toolkit as per statistics published by HubSpot. This is largely due to the fact that social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, prioritise the visual aspect of content. When it comes to infographics in particular, reports show that they can increase traffic by up to 12%. This significant increase can be attributed to the fact that people are found to follow directions better, by over 320%, when guided through text and illustrations. However, you may not get the results you seek if what you publish is data-heavy.

Data-heavy infographics must be marketed in a different manner if they are to achieve their true potential. So, if you’re wondering how to market your infographics, then here are 4 ingenious ways to go about it.

Publish your infographics on the right platform

Of all the things to get right with inforgraphics, the first step is to identify platforms that comfortably house such media. For instance, designing data-heavy infographics for Instagram will not do much good, simply because of the platform’s size restrictions and user base. In practice, data-intensive information is more likely to be side-lined over content that is easily absorbed owing to the demographic and psychographic trends on Instagram.

However, sites like Medium and Facebook are among the best infographic websites as this type of content better integrates into their themes. Other options to include in your infographic marketing strategy are curated-content portals, relevant public forums and infographic directories such as graphs.net.

Repackage the information into bite-sized videos

Video is a widely accepted form of media, and a good way to market data-heavy infographics is to use the data available to make bite-sized videos. Infographic videos can serve as teasers or give the viewer a brief introduction of the entire subject. This way, you can host the infographic on your website and redirect users from social media or video-hosting websites back to you. Given the fact that video incorporates moving elements, viewers are likely to stay glued even if your snippet is data-intensive.

Embed them in press releases to stand out as an authority

Among the many types of infographics, those that are data-heavy work extremely well when used to establish authority. Proving your brand to be an expert has multiple advantages, and embedding your infographics alongside press releases is a good way to do so. This is mainly because a press release is received by audiences looking for neutral, researched and unbiased data. Infographics deliver just that, and in an engaging format too.

Reach out to the sources for guest posting

Some of the best infographics are those that cite multiple credible sources and contain in-depth information. While this can be a task to put together, upon completion, you can reach out to the sources cited in the hope of collaboration. This can include hosting your fully-designed infographic on their domain with backlinks to your website or even publishing a guest blog with the infographic at its heart. Tactics like these are far more effective than simply publishing a post and boosting it via paid promotions.

As you’ll notice, the platform and ease of shareability are two key factors that you simply cannot overlook when it comes to marketing infographics that are data-heavy. So, instead of creating infographic content with no clear plan on how to market it effectively, do so in conjunction with these guidelines.

If you’re not sure of how to go about the process, opt for the services of a content creation and digital marketing agency. This way you enjoy the benefit of superior content, excellent design that’s free of staid infographic templates and the most beneficial marketing techniques. To truly see exponential growth in reach and engagement through your data-heavy infographics, get in touch with us today!