Advertorial Content Services

Promote your brand smartly with our advertorial copywriting services

Blend ad and editorial content with tactful advertorial writing services to get better ROI for every penny spent on advertisements. Create product awareness with an online advertorial or sponsored content appearing as advertorials in magazines and newspapers. Elicit the right response from your readers with compelling CTAs and a winning advertorial marketing strategy.

Tactfully crafted advertorials help brands:

Promote products and services
Get higher ROI
Boost sales
Improve brand image
Avoid hard selling
Gain customer attention
Provide a wealth of useful information

Edisol’s approach to advertorial writing

Look at the best advertorial examples and you’ll see they focus on quality content rather than promotions. At Edisol we prize the value of storytelling to engage readers with your brand’s narrative. Whether it is a digital advertorial or sponsored content that sits on a prime magazine, context is key to ensuring that advertorial content doesn’t land up sounding like a sales pitch. Our advertorial strategy starts with research of the channels and target audience, delineates pain points and marketing opportunities, and ends with a narrative supported by a call to action.

Advertorial marketing formats

Advertorial content is readily found in magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, and news channels. However, digital advertorial content today extends to images, native ads, sponsored e-books, and videos as well. Radio advertorials also reach a wide audience and similarly, including an online advertorial as sponsored content on a podcast is also an avenue to explore.

Types of advertorial content

  • Brand image advertorial
  • Product advertorial
  • Service advertorial
  • Advocacy advertorial
  • Journalism advertorial