Corporate Communication Content

Enhance your corporate identity with our Corporate Communication Services

Maintain good media and corporate public relations, improve your corporate reputation, and communicate efficiently with key stakeholders with our strategic communication services. From corporate brochures to crisis management content and articles elucidating your CSR policy in action, we provide content that addresses your audience while enhancing your brand identity.

Corporate communication helps businesses:

Influence key stakeholders
Deliver messages with a clear strategy
Enhance corporate reputation
Define corporate identity
Direct resources to their mission
Outline crisis management and CSR policies
Maintain good public relations
Inspire employees with their vision

Edisol’s approach to corporate communication

Our corporate communication services flow out of a strategy crafted around a brand’s mission, vision, and objectives. Solid organisational communication is key to impressing stakeholders and enhancing corporate identity. Before executing a strategy, our corporate communications content team collaborates with you to create a plan and define practical elements, such as your brand’s tone of voice. Once the foundation is laid, the end results appeal to all audiences.

Corporate communication formats

Company communication easily adopts various formats based on the audience. Letters, presentations, and articles are common but advertisements, videos, dedicated websites or microsites, company brochures, reports and emails are not to be excluded. Channels like Twitter, through which information can be disseminated quickly, also aid strategic communication efforts.

Types of corporate communication

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Stakeholder and investor relations
  • CSR policy resources
  • Crisis management resources
  • Corporate public relations
  • Government and industry communication