Newsletter & Brochure Services

Boost brand awareness with our newsletter & brochure writing services

Spread brand awareness through eye-catching brochures and keep your customers and employees updated with personalised newsletters. Be it a glossy brochure design that you’re looking for or corporate brochure writing services, we offer both print and digital brochure editions. Our stellar content and design services help spread information, create engagement, and drive sales.

Brochures and newsletters help brands:

Create brand, product, and service awareness
Build customer trust
Convey volumes of information
Use great visuals to market
Gain customer attention
Maintain and build relationships
Inform a target audience about promotions and offers
Increase sales

Edisol’s approach to newsletter and brochure content writing

We harness the potential of crisp, powerful copies and compelling visuals to create brochures that are worth opening and storing! Whether it’s a restaurant brochure or a travel brochure, our editorial and brochure design teams work in concert to ensure that your brochure has a clear narrative, a prominent call to action and is true to your branding elements. When marketing with brochures & newsletters, writing great copy is not enough. Meeting your goals demands a thorough understanding of the target audience and so, for us, research precedes content creation.

Brochure and newsletter formats

While the traditional printed brochure provides readers with a tangible experience, a digital brochure allows for easy content distribution online. For the print variant, common brochure folds include trifold, half-fold, gate fold, and Z-fold. Like brochures, newsletters also favour both print and digital formats. E-brochures and e-newsletters can be easily optimised for mobile phone viewing too.

Types of brochures and newsletters

  • Services brochure
  • Product brochure
  • Event-promotion brochure
  • Brand introduction brochure
  • Company newsletter
  • Consumer newsletter
  • Non-profit newsletter
  • Organisation newsletter