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In 2017, over 31,000 Indian students applied to Ivy Leagues. How many got in? Only 2,876. Out of every 9 Indian students who applied to an Ivy, only 1 made it. Poorly written personal statements, ineffective letters of recommendation and inadequate supporting essays overshadow your grades—no matter how high they are.

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Want to be the 1 candidate that finds a seat at the table? The key is writing an application that is is spot on. Without expertise and guidance to back you up, you’re likely to make mistakes that could cost you. At Edisol, we can help pick the right course, articulate how you’re a good fit for an Ivy League and make your SOP shine—we know what it takes.

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For years, we have seen talented and capable students falter when it comes to their written application. Writing a strong application is both a science and an art and our team of experts help you tell your story in the most memorable way. We help you write insightful, high-impact applications because your marks are just the beginning of your story.