Why you should consider an education abroad

According to the data released by the Indian government, as of 2017, there are more than 5.5 lakh Indian students studying at over 85 countries abroad. The question is, why should you?

Posted by Team Edisol

Applying to a prestigious, reputed university overseas, be it in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany or China, gives you a chance to discover and explore a new terrain, along with everything that comes with it. From professors who have made a mark in their field of choice, to being exposed to the best in international technology and breakthroughs, an overseas education can be a rewarding experience.

Here’s why choosing to study abroad benefits you as a student.

1. It increases your relevance in the job market

Going to study overseas doesn’t just look good on your resume; it increases your relevance in modern workplaces where having international experience is prized.

2. It expands your horizons

Travelling is the best way to learn, see, and discover new things. And when you travel abroad to study, you get to learn a lot more than what you’re taught in a classroom.

3. It improves your foreign language skills

Whether you’re learning Mandarin or Spanish, there’s no better way to polish your foreign language skills than actually studying in the country where your chosen language is spoken. When it comes to your passion, be it teaching a foreign language or doing business with that country, studying abroad will give you a boost nothing else can match.

4. It expands your network

Making new friends, talking to professors, and joining international societies and clubs helps you not only make thick friends, but also create an enviable network for the future.

5. It helps you learn from the best

Want to create a name for yourself in a niche industry? Be it designing leather goods or studying marine life, when you choose a university with dedicated resources for a specific course, you immediately align yourself to people who know its ins and outs. So, you learn from the best, and have a chance to become the best too.

6. It teaches you self-reliance

Paying rent on time, studying when you have a test the next day, organising your food, planning when to exercise and when to relax, making your travel plans, or showing up to class when you need to: no matter what’s on your to-do list, studying abroad is a sure-fire way to learn to be independent.

7. It exposes you to a different culture

It is only when you interact with different people who have a culture unlike your own that you realise your own biases, your perceptions, and your preconceived notions. Learning to be open to new ideas, new ways of looking at success, or new ways of thinking about responsibility or even civic duty, is what studying aboard gives you, without you even noticing!

8. It develops your communication skills

Learning how to explain your ideas, drive your point across emphatically, or have conversations with someone you don’t know can be difficult. Once you ace it however, you can create a ripple no matter where you are and what you do. Your projects, presentations, and even casual conversations with friends, colleagues, and even your local barista can help you become an effective communicator.

9. It enriches you

From food to holidays, from local customs to humour, learning about a different country and its people can teach you empathy, and give you a novel way of looking at the world. While you’re abroad, you’ll be exposed to the stories of hundreds of students like you from different backgrounds with different childhoods. Knowing how much you don’t know is the key to growing as a person.

10. It enhances you in uncommon ways

While you may choose to do an MBA abroad, you are free to choose a minor in say, film studies, and become a part of an international student committee overseeing cultural actives at your university. So, you not only learn business administration, but also about classic films that have shaped entertainment along with what it takes to organise an event. So, be proactive at your chosen university and you’ll get an all-around education that will hold you in good stead when you’re back.

Be it the first time you tried escargot (cooked snails) or the first time you hiked a trail and set up camp in the mountains, you’re sure to make wonderful memories while you study abroad.

11. It helps you make the memories of a lifetime

Be it the first time you tried escargot (cooked snails) or the first time you hiked a trail and set up camp in the mountains, you’re sure to make wonderful memories while you study abroad. Cherish each moment, and you’ll look back on this entire experience with a big smile!

Get started by talking to overseas education consultants to choose the right university. Then plan your finances and apply for a student visa. If you’re looking for top universities to apply to, check our rankings divided by subject and country.