Unusual student courses and the best schools in the world to study them!

From brewing beer to writing comedy, here are a few new-age courses and the best university in the world to study them at.

Posted by Team Edisol

For niche interests and the urge to take the road less travelled, there are scores of unusual educational courses offered by international universities. So, if your heart’s not in studying law, management, or engineering, see if these courses, as Marie Kondo would say, “Spark joy!” in you.

Peace and conflict studies

This course focuses on areas affected by conflict and teaches you tactics that promote peace. You’ll study individual and global issues triggered by inequality, violence and instability, as well as the factors that contribute to, and help resolve such conflicts, such as international security.

A master’s degree in peace and conflict studies gives you an opportunity to work with NGOs and the government, so sign up for the course at Uppsala University of Sweden, which is amongst the best colleges in the world. It allows you to specialise in matters such as gender, protection of civilians, and emerging security threats.

Game design

If gaming design fascinates you, why not make a career out of it? Developing gaming apps and eSports circles requires advanced technical skills and creativity. Therefore, universities now offer bachelor’s and master’s courses in game design. You will learn all about every step in the game production process, from game development and animation to narrative design and 3D modelling.

This course is offered by a number of Swedish universities that have tie-ups with the industry’s leading players. Again, Uppsala University is among the best ones if you’re looking to study game design at the undergraduate level, and the University of Skövde is ideal for a one-year post-graduation programme.

Comedy writing and performance

A comedy writing and performance course trains you in stand-up, improv comedy, sketch comedy and material development. For practical understanding, such courses often require you to perform at local venues.

One of the best universities offering is course is Toronto’s Humber College. The best part is that it focuses on the commercial aspect as well. To help you make a successful career out of comedy, it teaches you how to manage and promote yourself as an artist, and deal with matters such as bookings.


A degree in beer maybe unheard of, but it does exist. Brewing beer is nothing short of a science, and so, you can become a qualified brewmaster by signing up for an international diploma in brewing technology.

This is a flagship course offered by the Siebel Institute of Technology, the oldest brewing school in Chicago, Illinois. The course lasts for 12 weeks and consists of 6 different modules. These cover starting your own brewery, beer styles, and sensory analysis for flavour production.

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