Looking to pursue sociology? Here’s what you can do with your degree

Journalism and counselling are just a few career avenues that a sociology degree opens up for you.

Posted by Team Edisol

If you are inquisitive about how society works and why humans behave the way they do, studying sociology is right up your alley. Sociology is the study of gender roles, family, marriage, sexuality, group interaction, criminology, work roles, public policy, social inequality, and more.

As a sociology student, you learn critical thinking and how to use your knowledge to analyse and solve social issues. This makes you a highly employable resource in almost every field of work. Wondering where can a sociologist work and in what capacity? Take a look at 5 highly-rewarding career options that you can pick from as a sociology-degree holder.

Career counselling

In a bid to equip future job-seekers for such a challenging environment, education boards are continuously offering new-age courses in every possible field. As a career counsellor equipped with interviewing and problem-solving skills, you can work towards introducing students to the vast academic realm and help them make important education and career choices that serve as a strong foundation for a rewarding career. Besides this, as a counsellor you can expect to mediate conflicts between students and their parents, and help them formulate strategies to support their educational ambitions.

Market researcher

If marketing is what interests you, delve into this field as a researcher. As a market researcher, you will gather useful data relating to focus groups and analyse it so as to provide valuable inputs. These can then be used in product designing and marketing strategies by the company you work for. For instance, you will study the age, gender, dynamics of class, ethnicity, lifestyle, attitude and other characteristics of the target audience and test the effectiveness of the products, services, and marketing campaigns to suggest changes that help your organisation achieve its objectives. With excellent research and communication skills, you will also contribute to pricing strategies for better sales volumes.


As a sociologist with analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills, you can also pursue a career as a journalist. This may seem like a unique combination, but remember that journalism requires you to understand and analyse a situation, decision or phenomenon and its implications to offer an opinion. Superlative communication skills coupled with the knowledge of various approaches and methods of analysis like surveys, interviews, and case studies will help you derive data, gain meaningful insights and offer reportage that helps shape the views of the nation.

Human resource executive

Since manpower is the backbone of every organisation, the human resource department is crucial to the smooth running of every company. The department in itself performs many tasks, from recruiting, training and resolving conflicts to managing payroll. As a sociologist, you can be appointed for various HR roles, from being a recruiter for top management position to offering training to key groups within the firm. With a job in HR, expect to analyse job roles, recruit suitable candidates, train them and use problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts and issues. With excellent interviewing and communication skills, and a knack for understanding people and situations, you can achieve success in this field.

In a nutshell, the applications of a degree in sociology are many, which means that the career avenues before you are endless. So, if you have a desire to study this subject based on the employability it offers, get in touch with us for expert advice on how to perfect your application once you identify the top schools for sociology or the best online sociology masters programs.