How to choose a country to study overseas

With scores of study abroad options before you, choose the right one keeping these factors in mind, no matter whether you want an MBA in Australia or would like to study medicine in Europe.

Posted by Team Edisol

Whether you want to study medicine abroad or pursue an MBA in UK, a degree from an overseas university can be very exciting! An education abroad adds heft to your resume, improves your self-confidence, exposes you to diverse cultures, and makes you independent. However, with an overwhelming number of countries to choose from, adequate research is the key to finding the best places to study abroad.

Pick your destination for an overseas education after careful consideration of the following 5 factors.

The language of study and communication

Some foreign universities offer courses only in the language of the country. For example, many colleges in Germany offer courses in German, while a select few, such as Jacobs University, offer courses in English too. In such cases you have two options: you can either study German first, or only consider options that offer English courses.

International college ranking

Another important factor when you choose an international college is the rank of the university. A university of repute not only offers you better faculty and facilities, but also adds weight to your CV. So, check the rankings of universities on the basis of factors such as teaching style, study environment, academic performance, standard of education and job opportunities to arrive at a decision.

Scope of employment

One of the reasons why Indian students study abroad is to earn a handsome salary by working in a foreign country. Therefore, you must research the career opportunities available to you in the country that you’re leaning towards. If you wish to study and work in Australia once you complete your course, ensure that you have the professional options you want thereby doing your research beforehand.

Weather and living conditions

Be sure that you can adapt to the climate that the country experiences and also research the student community, on- and off-campus life and safety before deciding. Ask yourself if you prefer to study in a laid back city or in a busy one and then make a selection. Evaluating this, in addition to public transportation and the local culture, will determine how easy or difficult it will be for you to settle down. Once you have your answer, you can choose a destination where you’d like to study with ease.

Cost of studying abroad

Whether you are considering undergraduate study abroad programs or planning on a Masters in management, another important consideration is how expensive one country is versus another. Add the tuition fees, healthcare expenses and living expenses to determine the cost for each of your short-listed countries. Further, narrow down the list by taking into account financial aid options before you. For example, there are many affordable universities in Europe for international students as well as scholarships abroad that you can rely on.

Follow these tips to ensure that you don’t overlook important factors when choosing the right university and country to study at. For help with the former, refer to our nifty guide.