5 reasons why New Zealand is an excellent destination for Indian students

When deciding where to go for your overseas education, consider New Zealand as it is renowned for its courses and affordable too.

Posted by Team Edisol

New Zealand, the land of the Kiwi, has more to offer than just picturesque landscapes. It is known to have a superb education ecosystem too. In fact, thousands of Indian students flock to this nation of islands every year to pursue overseas education, owing to quality and safety available here. In fact, all eight of its varsities made it to the 2018–19 QS World University Rankings and the country ranks second on the Global Peace Index 2018.

Nevertheless, when you want to study abroad, it is essential that you have a thorough understanding of the living conditions, education system, and other factors specific to the country you wish to travel to. If you plan to study in one of the top universities in New Zealand, like the University of Auckland, here is all you need to know about the country.

The courses here have worldwide recognition

New Zealand has eight funded universities, all of which offer advanced programmes as per the New Zealand Qualification Framework. All university and non-university programmes undergo stringent checks as laid by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), a government body responsible for quality control.

Additionally, the universities and programmes are also subject to internal quality checks and those conducted by the New Zealand Vice Chancellors’ Committee (NZVCC). Thus, doing a masters or an MBA in New Zealand makes sense as the qualifications receive a nod of approval from employers worldwide. This means that there’s no shortage of career opportunities for you.

The country has a British-based education system

New Zealand was a British colony just like India, which means that it too follows the British education system that has worldwide recognition and is also considered to be one of the best! Also, the UK education system favours in-depth education and research-based teaching that encourages you to adopt critical thinking and a systematic, organised way of dealing with situations. So, you can be assured that the New Zealand education system will provide you with a solid foundation.

The costs of studying and living are comparatively lower

The approximate cost of studying an undergraduate degree is as follows.

  • Rs.9.5 lakh for arts and social sciences courses in New Zealand
  • Rs.12 lakh for science and engineering courses in New Zealand
  • Rs.34 lakh if you wish to study dentistry or study medicine in New Zealand

The approximate cost of living, on the other hand, is as follows.

  • Rs.9,000 per week for student residence halls
  • Rs.5,400 per week for a shared flat
  • Rs.8,000 per week for a private flat

On a whole, studying and living in New Zealand is much more reasonable as compared to other destinations. In fact, its affordability is what makes New Zealand one of the top overseas destinations for Indian students.

The country offers excellent work opportunities

In New Zealand, 97% of all students find employment after completing graduation, and 90% of them get relevant job profiles. Also, as a student, you’re permitted to take up part-time work in New Zealand while studying in order to meet expenses. The student visa allows for 20 hours of work per week during study periods, and permits full-time work during scheduled holidays. So, you can study and work in New Zealand at the same time and thereby explore opportunities in various sectors, be it hospitality, retail, banking or media.

The varsities offer ample scope for research

Universities in New Zealand have highly experienced faculty and laboratories with the latest equipment. The country is also a hub for research and development in engineering, healthcare, physics, computer science, astronomy and geology. This makes for a favourable environment for you if you’re interested in research.

Additionally, New Zealand is known for its untouched nature, peaceful atmosphere, friendly, welcoming locals and therefore checks all the criteria that an overseas study destination should meet.

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