4 Top tips that will help you get hired once you graduate

Follow these 4 tips to boost your chances of getting hired once you graduate!

Posted by Team Edisol

In your final year of college, every day is an opportunity to work towards entering the professional world. Getting a job abroad or even in your own country is not an uphill climb. To ensure you can make the most of the opportunities available, follow these measures that can boost your chances of getting hired once you graduate.

Prioritise internships

Your foreign education will expose you to a lot of theoretical knowledge. However, you will need real-world experience too, which you can only get when you get out of the classroom. So, find an internship and add work experience to your resume.

This not only shows initiative to prospective employers, but also equips you with the hard and soft skills that you will require on a daily basis. Moreover, it will give you a clear picture of the kind of job you want. Use the opportunity to hone your communication, problem-solving skills, and work ethic. The company you’re interning at may even offer to hire you once you graduate, so take the opportunity seriously.

Network and nurture relationships

Your college itself may open up opportunities for you. Join local study groups, interact with like-minded batchmates and even speak to your professors to leverage any job opportunities that they may have heard of. Apart from building your LinkedIn profile, also participate in your college’s alumni group to speak to graduates who are already a part of the workforce for leads.

Detoxify your social media presence

Employers run a background check before hiring a candidate and also look up your profiles on social media. So, before you start applying for job opportunities abroad, run a check to ensure that there are no posts or comments that can be misconstrued or ones that portray you in poor light. This is imperative as it can often be the factor that determines whether you will be hired or not.

Build your resume

Your resume or CV gives employers an insight into your qualifications, professional experience and skill sets. So craft a compelling, crisp resume that captures all the important details. Be sure to tweak this for each job that you apply for. Simply sending a generic resume to all companies will not do you justice, so based on the job profile be clear about what you have to offer.

With these valuable tips you can surely land a meaningful job right after graduation and work your way towards building an illustrious career.